Rigid Glasswool

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Rigid Glasswool Sheets and Acoustic Blanket provides an excellent balance of both thermal and acoustic insulation properties, which render it suitable for a broad range of industrial applications.

It is particularly suited to the mechanical services industry where design requirements dictate optimum performance from internally lined air conditioning ducts, plant room and equipment casings.

In such applications Rigid Glasswool offers the additional benefits of high compressive strength and clean, accurate fabrication.

Rigid Glasswool Sheets

• Nominal density 48kg/m3.
• Glasswool sheets designed for high performance applications.
• It is recommended for the optimum thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial equipment, domestic appliances and sheet metal ductwork, operating at up to 340°C.

Rigid Glasswool Acoustic Blanket

• Nominal density 48kg/m3
• Glasswool rolls for sound control of cavity infills, overlays and as a sound absorbing material in architectural acoustic applications such as partitions, screens and baffles.