Semi-Rigid Glasswool

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Semi-Rigid is designed for applications where high thermal and acoustic insulation performance is required at minimal thickness. Available in either blanket or semi-rigid board form, Semi-Rigid is available with a range of functional and decorative facing materials to complement its base material performance properties.

Designed for a range of applications, typically used as an internal lining for air conditioning duct work, the medium density of Semi-Rigid is also very effective behind perforated cladding where additional support is required. Available in a broad range of thicknesses that meet the performance requirements as set out by the NCC/BCA.

Typical applications include;

•HVAC – excellent thermal, fire, acoustic and particle retention properties
• Under soffit – high thermal and acoustic performance with a range of facing materials
• Under slab for car parks – a range of acoustic and light reflective properties available
• Shaft linings - easy to fasten, low profile acoustic insulation